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Situated in North Richmond at the foothills of the Blue Mountain. 

Ideal for horses requiring a freshen up between races, they can literally be in a grassy paddock one hour after racing.

Our philosophy is to ensure the highest standard of horse welfare from the minute they set foot on our property, to the day of departure. 

We aspire to be the ultimate ‘one-stop shop’ for the provision of services for spelling, breaking-in, pre-training, rehabilitation, and additional education. 

Our point of difference starts with the principal owners Gordon Pratt, and Leith Doran. Gordon has competed successfully at the highest standard of dressage locally and internationally, and Leith has achieved the highest national awards within the show horse arena. It is rare to have such extensive talent breaking in horses. It is for this reason they have achieved such tremendous success, and are keenly supported by leading owners and trainers.

Their additional Equestrian training skills provide the ultimate platform for horses being broken -in. 

At Doran Park we often receive horses to be re-educated which we welcome, and succeed with.

What our

customers say

"Doran Park have been an absolute breath of fresh air since I moved my horses to them 18 months ago. They have 2 properties and their facilities are outfitted with some of the best equipment and technology that horses require, especially when they pre-train and break in. They also provide a rehabilitation program for horses who are in recovery and need that extra attention. My horses head to their trainers looking outstanding, well conditioned and educated. Gordon and Leith do an extremely great job and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Doran Park to anyone seeking the services in which they provide. All the best boys."

Carol Walsh

Blueblood Thoroughbreds


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