At Doran Park we strive for the highest standard of client/trainer communications. We provide a weekly video and audio report so that you may track and understand your horses program.

At Doran park it must be mentioned that we consider trainings only one aspect of getting a horse to perform optimally. 

There are many variables that are going to impinge on a horse’s performance. We are constantly striving to address them all. Taking in to consideration the mental well being, ensuring the horse is happy, enjoying his work, and not feeling overwhelmed, is as important as not physically overworking the horses.

We aim to have each horse relaxed, happy, sound and perfectly primed for the trainer to commence its racing program.

Feeding and nutrition is another high priority.

We have consulted with Dr Caroline Foote, equine nutrition consultant. Dr Foote has evaluated our pasture and feeding program, and has customised a feed to compliment traditional feeding.

Our feeding can change daily upon consideration each horses condition, energy levels and work load.

Doran Park is constantly striving to improve and refine every aspect of our facilities and services. We consult with external professionals who assess quality control, audit, assess, and provide feedback so that we are constantly improving every division of our business.

We look forward to welcoming you and your horse to our establishment and hopefully creating an enjoyable, successful partnership. 

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